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Hélène Opperman Lewis is a Psychologist in private practice in Cape Town and Swellendam. In 2001 she enrolled for a doctorate at the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The intended thesis was titled: ‘The Development of a Social Conscience amongst Afrikaners’.

While doing research into Kohlberg and Gilligan’s theories of moral reasoning, she discovered the field of psycho-history. She connected with the Psychohistory Association in NY and Lloyd DeMause invited her to attend the annual IPA convention in NY. She completed a course in psychogenics. By now she had come to realize there was much more to ‘moral reasoning’ than engaging in a narrow theoretical spat with the subject; a decision was taken to abandon her formal studies and rather research the 300 year history of the Afrikaners within a psychohistorical framework.

Only this, she felt, would enlighten her initial question of 'social conscience'. And so indeed it has. Encouraged by Psycho-analyst and Psychohistorian Dr David Lotto, the decision to write a book followed. The urgency to share with fellow South Africans that which is truly relevant, became paramount: the disastrous historical consequences of humiliation and loss followed by trans-generational trauma, and how it played out in South Africa’s history. This research took 15 years to complete. The book Apartheid - Britain's Bastard Child completes this journey.

Hélène presented a piece on the Anglo-Boer War as well as the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa), at the IPA convention in 2002 in NY. She is also a member of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) and in April 2013 she convened the annual DHS conference in Stellenbosch.

Hélène currently lives in Barrydale, Western Cape. She has a son who lives in Namibia and a daughter who lives with her American husband and their sons in Nashville Tennessee.

The book is peer reviewed and will be published SOON . It will be available in print from Amazon and also as an e-book.

Hélène can be contacted

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