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A sample of names, of deceased family: War Museum Bloemfontein
Boer girl in British concentration camp
President Steyn and
General Hertzog
General J.C.Smuts
Emily Hobhouse
Lord Alfred Milner
Cecil John Rhodes
Missionary; Sir John Philips
Field Marshal Lord Roberts – who first  implemented  the British Concentration camp policy
Field Marshal Horatio Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum
Queen Victoria in 1899 ( the queen who seeked revenge...)
Paul Kruger
Genl. JBM Hertzog as law student in Amsterdam before the war
Dirk Mostert (Camp survivor); 1938 – author of GEDENKBOEK
Mother and children
Concentration Camp
Kitchener Concentration Camp mother and child
The first concentration camp, Krugersdorp, South Africa
Unbearable winter in the tents
Nylstroom Concentration Camp cemetery
POW Camp St Helena
In some concentration camps, this had to do as shelter
Bethulie Concentration Camp Cemetery
Despairing Mother and her children at grave of sibling, surrounded by fresh graves
Orphans dressed up for photo shoot
A poor white kitchen visited by Malherbe and the Carnegie Commission
Pro-Boer outrage in France
News re Scorched earth ; Europe
Scorched Earth
Thousands of cattle killed due to British scorched earth policy
Thousands of sheep killed due to British scorched earth policy
Raamwerk van klavier en ledikante, Groenkloof, 1902
Ventersburg Church burned down by British troops
1938 Centenary-Departure from Cape Town
British avenge:
"Remember Majuba Boys!
Black soldiers Honoured at the ABW centenary
Fleeing ahead of the British
Burning down the house of a burgher
News re women chased to camps; Germany
Vroue (Women) monument erected in memory of the women and children in the concentration camps during the ABW 1899-1902. Bloemfontein. OFS
1918: First Executive Council of Afrikaner Broederbond
1906: Chief Bambatha was caught by the colonial troops - his head was hacked off and displayed
Leaders of the Shona and Matebele tribes of Rhodesia hanged for not handing over their land to Rhodes
Author's Children 1985

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